■ Space Science with Computer Simulation

 "Computer Experiment" is one of powerful ways of studying nonlinear  wave-particle interactions in space plasmas and electromagnetic environments in space. It is meant to reproduce the space plasma dynamics process in the memory of the computer, and make a bridge between observations and theory.

 ・Space plasma particle simulator KEMPO1

Super computer (A-KDK)

  ■ Measurement and Utilization Systems of Space Environment

 "Satellite observation" is important to the understanding of the electromagnetic environment of space. We are developing technologies for satellite observation of next generation, such as ultra-small space plasma wave receiver and space propulsion system using space environments.

 ・Earth magnetosphere exploration satellite GEOTAIL

Schematic illustration of Formation flight using Coulomb Force

  ■ Solar Power Satellite and Microwave Power Transmission

 "Microwave power transmission" is the new application technology of radio waves, which are used mainly as a way of communication. This is wireless power transmission of long distance and essential technology of solar power satellite. More Infomation about solar power satellite is here.

 ・Microwave energy transmission labolatory METLAB

Anechoic chamber (METLAB)