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PWI 2 Hour plots are now available !
Please access PWI 2 Hour Plot page

(The orbit information written in plots sometimes include errors. Please consult fomal orbit information provided by ISAS)

Notice: We hope that the GEOTAIL PWI 2 hour & 24 hour plots are useful for scientists who are interested in space physics, but please note that it is prohibitted to make use of them for scientific publications or for presentations in science meetings without permission and qualification by the PI of the GEOTAIL Plasma Wave Instrument (PWI). Concerning this permission,and questions about the GEOTAIL PWI data, please feel free to contact Hiro Kojima (

Geotail Plasma Wave Data Base is supported by the Grant-in-Aid No. 127009 and 178121 for Publication of Scientific Research Results (Data Base) of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science(JSPS).



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